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New Member Application

Embracing Cultures Fall After School Program 

The afterschool program is underway.

Hours of operation 2:30-6:30, Monday to Friday.

Registration fee is $20.00 and is valid until December 2020. School pickups are available for an additional fee. Please contact the directors at either location for details.

Daily programs offered include Power Hour (homework), sports & recreation, art, health & life skills, leadership, educational/technology, special events, teens and much more.

We have volunteer opportunities for teens and adults. Teens can do their service-learning hours for school, and adults can assist with additional positive mentoring for all members. Please contact the Club closest to you for additional information.

Club Locations

North Side:  1802 N. Lillie St, 76903

South Side: 2762 Ben Ficklin Rd; 76903

 Information & Contacts

For additional information about the North Side Club, please contact administrative office @ 325.655.8343 or [email protected]

For additional information about the South Side Club, please contact Jessica Caldera @ 325.653.3673 or [email protected]

2020 Membership Application