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2021 New Member Registration

Embracing Cultures Fall After School Program 

The afterschool program is underway.

Hours of operation 3:00-6:30, Monday to Friday.

Registration fee is $40.00 and is valid until May 2022. School pickups are available for an additional fee. Please contact the Administration Office at 325-655-8343 for additional information and availability.

Daily programs offered include Power Hour (homework), sports & recreation, art, health & life skills, leadership, educational/technology, special events, teens and much more.

We have volunteer opportunities for teens and adults. Teens can do their service-learning hours for school, and adults can assist with additional positive mentoring for all members. Please contact the Club closest to you for additional information.

Club Locations

North Side  

Address:  1802 N. Lillie St, 76903  

Phone:  325-655-8244

South Side

Address: 2762 Ben Ficklin Rd; 76903

Phone:  325-653-3673


For additional information about the Boys & Girls Club San Angelo, please contact the Administrative Office at 325-655-8343 or via email at [email protected].

2021 New Member Registration